Botanicula-Mr Lantern

Mr Lantern

The protagonist of the game, Mr Lantern is a small orange creature shaped like a lantern, who has the ability to contain seeds within its body. His dream is to destroy the evil spiders who are destroying the forest, and to expand and plant more trees.

Mr Lantern has several friends, including Mr Poppyhead, Mrs Mushroom, Mr Twig and Mr Feather. His family and origins are unknown, but he is brave and courageous. After embarking on an adventure-filled journey to destroy the spiders and to regrow the trees, Mr Lantern encounters many wierd an wonderful creatures, living and hiding the forest.

When Mr Lantern contains a seed, his body glows bright orange. The more seeds are added, the brighter the glow, until it is blindingly white. By then, he holds the ability to kill spiders. Once the seed has left his body, the power and the glow disappear.

Like some of his friends, his limbs have the ability to expand, which is very handy when rumaging through holes in trees. Mr Lantern speaks the same language as his friends and the other creatures he encounters.